How to Move a Pool Table? Here are 6 Must-Know Steps

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Moving bulky items can prove as challenging if you don’t prepare yourself for it. While most furniture can be taken apart to make it more manageable, this isn’t the case for everything. Larger items, such as pool tables, can require a lot of strength and effort to get to your new home. Fortunately, this task doesn’t have to be an extreme challenge if you prepare ahead of time. The tips below can help you get started and ensure you move your pool table with zero damage.

1. Grab Your Supplies

It’s recommended to have one or two people help you move this gaming table. Even if you’re in good health and have enough strength, help will ensure you don’t get hurt, and the table will not get damaged. Along with the assistance, you’ll need a few wooden dollies, moving blankets, a screwdriver, and boxes.

2. Prep the Table

Before you begin moving the table, remove the pool sticks, and safely pack away the balls. From here, you’ll want to remove the four corner pockets and the two side pockets from the table. Pack these away in a labeled box, so they don’t get lost. After this, you’ll want to detach the rails on the side of the table using a socket wrench. Once these are freed up, carefully remove the felt from the table by peeling it backward. Once removed and packed, remove the screws that are holding the slate onto the table.

The slate will be heavy, so have someone help you carry this away. It’s generally best to place this flat since it’s too heavy to position on its side.

To prepare the pool table, remove all of its detachable parts first and pack them away in a box.

3. Set up the Dollies

Place the dollies underneath the leg of each corner of the pool table. Have a friend help you lift the table and make sure to lock the table’s legs on the dollies, so they don’t roll away. After this, clear the area around the table so you can easily maneuver it around.

4. Remove Legs

If your doorways aren’t large enough to push the table through flat, then turn it on its side while still on two of the dollies. Then, unlock the wheels and push the table into the moving truck. Once there, use a drill to remove the legs of the table. Wrap these in a moving cloth, so they don’t get scratched while inside of the truck.

5. Load the Table

After loading the slate and securing it onto the moving truck, you’ll want to wrap the corners and sides of the pool table in moving blankets. After this, have a friend help you maneuver the table onto the truck. Secure it with straps to the side of the wall and place something immovable next to it to prevent shifting during transport.

Ask someone for help to load the pool table into the truck and secure it with straps once it’s inside.

6. Unloading

When unloading, set the table back onto the dollies and wheel into your new home through open doorways. Re-build in reverse using the same tools you took the table apart with when you were disassembling it. Make sure to tighten each bolt and screw before you load the slate and secure the felt. Take your time to make sure each step is done right and ask for help to avoid being injured or dropping the table on the floor.

Making Your Move Easier

You don’t have to sell your pool table just because you feel like it’s too difficult to move. All you need is some help, the right materials, and ample time to get the job done. With this, you can keep your table and enjoy it for years to come.

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