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Are you moving to a new home? Whether you’re moving to Austin, TX from across the country or to a new apartment just on the other side of town, you mustn’t neglect the importance of unpacking. Today, we’re going to look at eight ways to make unpacking easy after a move. Let’s get right in!

8. Create A Schedule

Before you get into unpacking, you must create a plan of action. You should look at all your boxes, determine where they go and set a time when you want to unpack them. Taking this first step will allow you to stay organized and focused as you remove your items from the boxes.

7. Clean Your Home First

Sometimes, it takes months before your new home gets occupied. Because of this, there will likely be dust accumulation, dead bugs, and cobwebs. Before you unpack all your belongings, consider cleaning first. It doesn’t have to be fancy – vacuuming or sweeping will do.

6. Unpack the Necessities First

On your first day at your new home, you should unpack the necessities first. Rather than prioritizing video games or electronics, prepare the items that you’ll need for the night such as:

  • mattresses
  • bed sheets
  • pillow
  • a few clothing items
  • toothbrushes
  • other personal hygiene essentials

These things should help you stay comfortable over the first couple of days.

5. Put Boxes into Their Respective Rooms

Before you start unpacking boxes at random, you should first put them in their correct rooms. If you labeled all your boxes by their designated location, you should place these boxes in the room where you would unpack them. Taking this simple step will help you save loads of time unpacking.

4. Assemble Furniture First

You should try setting up your largest furniture first. By putting your cornerstone pieces down, you will make it significantly easier to place accent pieces where they fit. You should first lay down any rugs or carpeting. From there, put all your major furniture pieces down which include:

  • tables,
  • chairs,
  • desks,
  • sofas,
  • coffee tables,
  • beds,
  • benches,
  • other large furniture items

3. Try to Get Kids Out of The House

Unpacking day is lively enough without small children distracting you. Although this tip doesn’t apply to everyone, it is useful for those with young children. You should see if a family member, friend, camp, or local daycare can watch your child for the day to help you take away some of the stress and anxiety from unpacking.

2. Get Your Unpacking Done Quickly

Unpacking is something that you don’t want to let linger too long. As we mentioned earlier, it is okay to only unpack the essentials on day one. However, from there, you should look to take out all your items quickly so as not to delay the unpacking process.

1. Consider Hiring an Unpacking Service

In certain instances, it may be appropriate to hire an unpacking service. Here are a few considerations:

  • if you have a disability or condition that limits you from unpacking
  • if you have an overwhelming number of items, or
  • if your age prohibits you from doing this task.

There you have it, eight ways to make unpacking easy after a move. Use these tips to unpack all your belongings efficiently.